Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What do we really think of Jim Jones proposal to Chrissy Lampkin? [Love and Hip Hop]

Okay, I couldn't wait to get home to ask this question, so what do we really think of Jim Jones proposal to Chrissy Lampkin? After, much tweet hustlin' and pressing on that hash tag Love and Hip Hop, majority think that Jim Jones gave Chrissy a shut up ring. 

Personally, yea the two have been together for quite some time, but as a loyal viewer looking into the whole situation like many viewers you really have to shake Chrissy and ask her what the hell is she thinking. 

I mean who would want to take a proposal from a guy that you basically had to nag to death, and now that she seemed to want to step away from the relationship he now decides to propose. I mean Jim Jones didn't even want to put the ring on her finger. Maybe it was out of being nervous, yea let's just go with that. 

It's so funny that Chrissy would look at Emily B dumb when she found out that Fab was now courting her again after she walked away from their long term  relationship. And now she's doing the same thing. If anything Chrissy should have asked for a wedding date too! What do you guys think? Do you think Chrissy gave in to her fairytale engagement to Jim Jones?

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