Monday, February 28, 2011

D.C Fashion Week "Kick Off" @ Kellari Taverna 2.21.11

DC Fashion Week is the largest exhibition of fashion apparel in the District of Columbia. The designers of DC Fashion Week are an eclectic group of designing talent who come from around the globe. From the high fashion capitol of New York City, to the exotic coasts of New Zealand, to the exquisite city life of Belgium, they taking the nation’s capital by storm. The fashion show at the kick off event that was held at Kellari Taverna on Monday February 21, 2o11 featured special jewelry and accessory designs

Raekwon @ Direct Drive Record Pool Listening Lounge "Shaolin Vs. Wu Tang" [Video & Photos]

On February 21, 2011 I attended the Direct Drive Record Pool Listening Lounge featuring Ice Water/Capitol Records Recording Artist Raekwon and J Records/Sony Marsha Ambrosius. This was Raekwon's second time participating with the Record Pool.The event was taken place as a listening party for both  artist that are coming out with albums in March. Raekwon album entitled "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang" will be released on March 8th. 

At the event Raekwon stated that he named the ablum after the movie "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang" and that he called it that because of what his group Wu-Tang Clan goes through on a daily basis as a hip hop group. He said that "this is the science behind the title".  

Raekwon also said that the album has "strong  content" and that this album is for hip hop lovers. He dropped some tracks from his older Wu-Tang albums including a couple of my favorite "Ice Cream" and C.R.E.A.M. He also perfomed some tracks off of his new album "Shaolin vs Wu Tang". 

Raekwon said that he "really worked hard on the album and that "he wanted to take the people back to that sound". I love the track  "Rock n Roll" featuring Jim Jones, Ghostface, and Kobe this track is definitely going to be a club banger. Check out pictures and the entire listening session video of Raekwon at the Direct Drive Record Pool Listening session "Shaolin Vs Wu Tang".

Raekwon performing a track off of his album "Shaolin Vs. Wu Tang

Raekwon at the DDRP listening session

Raekwon, hip hop legend Busy Bee, & DJ QuickSilva

Raekwon speaking on his new album entitled "Shaolin Vs. Wu Tang"

Video of The Week: Ke$ha "Blow"

I love pop music and Ke$ha is one of my favorite pop artist today. Check out her new video "Blow"

Posh D.C/MD on the scene: DTLR: Direct Drive Record Pool Event 2.21

I had an absolute blast at the DTLR Direct Record Pool Drive featuring artist Raekwon and Marsha Ambrosius. Both artist are releasing albums in early March. Raekwon will be releasing Shaolin vs Wu Tang on 3/8/11 and Marsha Ambrosius will be releasing her album Late Nights & Early Morning on 3/1/11. While I was at the event I had the opportunity to network and meet many new people in the arts and entertainment field. I aslo had the opportunity to meet Marsha Ambrosius, Busy Bee (Hip Hop Legend) and saw some of my favorite local artist and DJ's including Phil Ade', Da Phuture, Amber Mimz, DJ QuickSilvaDeShaude and Rona Rawls to name a few. Check out pictures from the event.

Marsha Ambrosius  (Twitter @MarshaAmbrosius)

Hip Hop Legend Busy Bee

 DJ QuickSilva fr WKYS (Twitter @DJQuickSilva)

368 music group artist Da Phuture  (Twitter @DaPhuture)

368 music group artist Phil Ade'  (Twitter @Philade301)

D.M.V songstress Amber Mimz  (Twitter @AmberMimz)

Me & Orange director for Cool Kids Forever Films (Twitter  @iLLProphet)

I had the opportunity to meet a lot of fashionable and talented people check out DeShaude he is  a singer, songwriter, dancer, and choreographer. (Twitter @DeShaude)

D.M.V artist Rona Rawls
Cleo Jamila from DMV JAMS (Twitter @SkyHighCle)

I met this fashion diva at the DRRP event I loved her outfit.I had to stop to get a picture of her look. From her hat, leather jacket to her booties. She gets the Posh Stamp.

DTLR models at the Direct Drive Record Pool event

Dope Men Sneakers: Taboo from Black Eyed Peas New Sneakers "Deltah 3008"

Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas promoted his new sneakers "Taboo Deltah 3008" at Loveless Aoyama in Tokyo Japan this week. What do you think about these sneakers? Hot or Not. They have a edgy space age look to them. Tell me what you think. Read More

Foxy Brown "Black Roses" First Female Rapper to Drop A Double Album [Video]

Foxy Brown will be dropping a double cd album "Black Roses" in August or early September. This will be the first and only female rapper to drop a double album in history. The first disc will be hard core hip hop and the second disc will be dancehall rock. I am happy and anticipating to hear this album especially with all of the beefin' going on between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. I am ready to hear something new from hip hop diva Fox Boogie Brown. The album was originally supposed to drop 3 years ago, but their was some publishing issues which pulled the record back. Check out Foxy Brown most recent performance at B.B Kings Blues Club and Grill in New York City.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lil Kim Hails Fans for Making A Video of Nicki Minaj Swagga Jackin' [VIDEO]

Just in!!!! Lil Kim hails her fans for putting up this comparison video of Nicki Minaj basically swagga jackin Lil Kim Style.On twitter Lil Kim posted "I love you guys Great Job". I personally took note of this awhile back. I think Lil Kim should've taken matters in her hands a long time ago. Why now Lil Kim? I hope she reads this and answers my post anyway take a look at the video and you be the judge.

Amber Rose: London Fashion Week

Amber Rose walking in Mayfair, London during London Fashion Week. Photo:

London Fashion Week was all about Amber Rose. We spotted the budding fashion icon, Philly native and muse around London Town looking stunning and fresh as usual. Her skin was still dewy, and her smile never looked better. Remind us to ask Amber about her beauty secrets cuz she's straight neon; glowing and electric.
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Amber Rose, front row at Ashish.

Amber Rose at Ashish

Amber Rose on her way to the Julien Macdonald show during London Fashion Week

Amber Rose exiting the Julien Macdonald show during London

New Music: Lano "One Word"

Okay, so I love this new single by Lano. I first heard it when he dropped me the single on twitter. I listened to it and immediately feel in love with it. I can't wait for the video to drop. Here is what Lano says about his new single "One Word" and ladies you will definitely love it."

"I been waitin for like 2-3 months to drop this. Its the first track I did when I hooked back up wit my homie King Midas. Its crazy cuz it came together in less than 3 hours, I was done the writing before he had even finished the, but it worked and we're proud of if and now im presenting it to you."

"Regardless of if it was earlier or later than expected, its still good music and I couldn't hold it back any longer. And on an even better note, the video treatment is already done, which means the official video should be here in the coming weeks, somewhere closer to the release of "Bond Series Take One". The treatment itself is crazy, reminiscent of a favorite movie of mine, very "James Bond-ish", real clean, real G. Be on the lookout for it all, but in the meantime, enjoy classic music."

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Check Out Kelly Osbourne's New Material Girl Ads!

Kelly Osbourne is officially a Material Girl! Last month it was announced that the 26-year-old reality star/actress was replacing "Gossip Girl"'s Taylor Momsen as the face of Madonna and daughter Lourdes Leon's rocker chic line. And now you can see the raucous results!
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Willow Smith Roller Skating For A Cause

Willow Smith was spotted in Illinois for her "Whip your Skates Back and Forth " party at a Fleetwood Roller Rink . The event was held to discuss her "I Love Me" campaign, meant to encourage kids to love themselves and show each other respect.Willow Smith looks so cute in her aqua blue track suit as she host the event. She is so posh and I applaud her for such a good cause. Check out pictures of Willow Smith whipping her skates back and forth.