Celebrity Alter Ego's: Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, & More

Sasha Fierce


I am all to familiar with having an alter ego one day I'm Posh the day next  Amarie and Addy. They all have their own personalities I guess you can say. Celebrities such as Eminem has Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers. Nicki Minaj has Roman Zolanski, Harajuku Barbie and Nicki Teresa to name a few. Having an alter ego or alias is just another way that creative people express themselves.
Musicians in particular are known for having their unusual alter egos, it's a way for them to express another facet of their personality, or be a different person on stage and off. Musical alter egos also made listening to an artist that much more fun—you never know which side of Nicki you're gonna get and sometimes you get more than one at the same time. (Take Kanye West's "Monster" video for example.) Read More


Lil Wayne

Nicki Theresa

Nicki Minaj

Slim Shady