D.M.V Feature Of The Week Singer: Harmony Muzik

My featured D.M.V artist this week is Harmony Muzik. I had the opportunity to first meet Harmony Muzik at the D.M.V hepls Haiti event that took place in Washington, D.C I totally love her music and style. Check out my interview with her.

Posh: What part of the D.M.V are you from?

Harmony Muzik: I am originally from Detroit, and I ended up here in Virginia/DMV after my enlistment in the Marines.

Posh: How did you get started in the music entertainment industry?

Harmony Muzik: I got started a few years back on a serious tip. I linked with some local artists and started doing shows and recorded. Just went from there.

Posh: How would you describe your sound?

Harmony Muzik: I think my sound is always changing. My first project was Neo Soul, my last project "The Masquerade" was very Urban Pop/Dance. However, this 3rd studio album that I'm currently working on is more or less Hip Hop and Urban pop. Nearly every track will have some type of Hip Hop element, either thru the music, the lyrcis, or the features.

Posh: Who are some of the artist have you worked with?

Harmony Muzik: I've done songs with: Whitefolkz, K-Beta, Don Juan, Wordsmith, Pro Verb, Madam Madon, Jay Mills, Rasi Caprise, Divinity, Tese Fever, Tangie, Narrator, Prhyme, E-Skillz, Bear Witnez, Egypt, La Vie, Laelo Hood + more. This next project will also feature some new collaborations with several artists that I haven't worked with before.

Posh: What projects are you working on and up coming shows?

Harmony Muzik: Currently I am working on my new project "Gen X". I'm about half way done, and will hopefully have the first single released in a few weeks. I'm hoping to the drop the project w/ DJ YKCOR this Spring. As for shows, I will be at Almaz in DC on Feb. 19th, and also a few cities in the North that following week including Boston, NY, and Club Fiso in Philadelphia on Feb. 27th [headlining the Cassidy show]. Mid March I will be performing at SXSW [South x Southwest Music Conference] in Austin, TX -- sharing the stage with 25+ other DMV artists including Tabi Bonney, Raheem DeVaughn, Phil Ade', XO, Ra the MC, Bossman, Kokayi, Godsilla, +more.

Posh: Which song is your favorite off of "The Masquerade" album?

Harmony Muzik: My favorite song of The Masquerade was probably a tie between Broken and Masquerade-feat. Whitefolkz. Both tracks meant alot to me in different ways and have unique stories.

Posh: Thank you Harmony Muzik I really appreciate you as an artist and your music is hot.I love the infusion between the pop and hip hop. Much success to you! Everyone, please check out Harmony Muzik links below and check out her  performance from the DMV helps Haiti 1 year anniversary event.

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