D.M.V Featured Fashion Model: Hawa

My D.M.V featured person of the week is model Hawa. I wanted to feature models in my blog to highlight women that are not only beautiful but are educated. In my interview with Hawa she speaks on her future goals in high fashion modeling, education and her future career. Check It out!

Posh: What part of the D.M.V are you from?

Hawa: I am from Prince George's, County Maryland

Posh: What projects do you have going on in your modeling career?

Hawa: Currently, I have not been working on any paid work or shoots I have just been working on my portfolio while building a look and name for myself in the process. Right now I have a couple of model calls in the area that I am going to attend and castings for upcoming spring and summer shows. I am taking modeling classes at Jazzy Studios and will be attending major projects and photo shoots coming up currently and  in the spring as well. Right now as a model I am on the "come-up" building my image. Its a learning process.

Posh: Tell me about your education and hobbies that you love to do on the side and your long term-goals?

Hawa: I have several side hobbies and goals such as modeling (print/runway) and film production assistance. I hate to sound cliche but I'm" living life" and I'm loving every moment. I mean this with every tear, sweat, smile and struggle I've overcome. I am a senior at Towson University, with a major in Performing Arts/Film and minor in Communications. My dream is to have a thousand forms of profit like Diddy. Lol, but in general some long-term goals are to become a playwright, film director, Commercials model or screenwriter with a side job in Public Relations.You might even see me on your T.V one day. Until I make it that far I plan on graduating from Towson University with a degree in arts and then making my way to grad school.

Posh: Thank you for sharing your ambitions with me good luck and see you on television soon. Check out more photos of Hawa here:  

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