Featured Accessories Designer Tori Torres For Posh Life Bling

What is Posh Life Bling? Posh.Life has designed for customers worldwide, creating custom works of art on cell phones, clothing, shoes, laptops, hats, sunglasses, car logos, pimp cups, headsets, car hood ornaments and handbags with Swarovski Crystal Elements. Go from bland...to bling! Take the once plain, unloved cell phone and watch it evolve into a truly unique, glammed out works of art. Check out my interview with C.E.O/Owner of Posh Bling Tori Torres:

Posh: Tell me a little about yourself and how did you come up with Posh Life Bling?

Tori Posh:  I was a stay at home mom just looking for things to do in my spare time. I've always been very creative and very motivated, so I began embellishing things,my shoes, clothing, my mirrors around the house, and eventually my cell phone. This was before there were even cases that you see now. I used to design the razor phones and then the whole housings T razor's, back then you had to screw the phone apart and back together to change the exterior, lol.

Posh: Now, I seen that you make blinged out cell phones and ipads.Are their specific phones or tablets that you have to have?

Tori Posh: We can customize a cover for just about any accessory. Every cell phone can be designed, absolutely!

Posh: I know that technology changes frequently and now the ipad has competition. Will you make covers for new pads like the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Tori Posh: Yes! We can customize for any accessory.

Posh:  What other items do you bling out?

Tori Posh: Shoes, License Plate Frames, Compact Mirrors, Laptops, Car accessories, lighters, keyboards, televisions, desktop computers, home decor...you name it! We bling everything!

Posh:  Have you made any custom cases for celebrities?

Tori Posh: Yes, there is a link to our gallery and the press page on the site that will show you many of our celebrity clients. We usually design for Bravo housewives each season as well.

Posh: Some of the clients that Posh.Bling has include Beyonce Knowles, Ciara, Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Amerie, Deshawn Snow and Christina Kim. Posh.Life has partnered with several of the housewives of Bravo to help brand their logos with customized Swarovski Crystal designs, as well as their personal cell phones and accessories. Posh.Life Crystal Cell phones, Crystal Cell phone cases was asked to participate in several awards shows, including MTV, American Music Awards, Hoodie Awards, and BET. Posh.Life is recognized as a leader in customized cell phone design. 

Posh: If any of my readers would like to contact you to order or to customize a posh bling accesory tell the reader how they can reach you.

Tori Posh: They can reach us on the following sites:

Posh Life Bling on Facebook

Thank You Tori I love your accessories and I can't wait to bling out my new Samsung Galaxy.

***If you purchase any accessories please use reference Posh The Socialite***