Featured D.M.V Songstress: Amber Mimz "Urban Romance Avenue"

On February 15, I had the opportunity to see Amber Mimz perform Live at Tantric Tuesday's special Valentine's day event at Indulj. Amber performed songs from her album "Urban Romance Sessions" and her own rendition of loves songs like Janet Jackson's "Any Time Any Place". The show was awesome. I also interviewed Amber about her music career and up coming performances. Check It out.

Posh: How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

Amber Mimz: I've been singing/performing professionally for about 4 1/2 years now.

Posh: How would you describe your music and comparing yourself to other female artist in the D.M.V area and how do you differentiate yourself?

Amber Mimz: I would describe my music as soul fully whimsical, yet vibrant and unique. I don't think its comparable to other singers in the area because everyone brings something different to there music but to be distinctive I strive to expose my listeners to an experience.

Posh: What artist have you worked with?

Amber Mimz: RatheMC, Greenspan, Black Cobain, Mickey Factz, The Park and Nino Moshella (from the bay area) Jesse Boykins, Ihsan Bilal... I'm pretty sure like I'm missing some folks.. But I hope to expand the list as my career continues.

Posh: Which song off of the "Urban Romance Sessions" album is your favorite and why?

Amber Mimz: There's always a coin toss between "4head Kiss" and "Centrifugal Force". They both have two different dynamics and production sounds but are two great stories! But I'll say "4head Kiss"... Its just so real and something that I find more and more people can relate to.

Posh: Tell me about any new projects that you have coming up and where the readers can pick up the album.

Amber Mimz: I just released a project entitled "The Playlist" that's a compilation mix of some mood setting fav's including myself and some main stream and independent artist (available for free download at www.ambermimz.com ) As of right now I'm working on a mixtape and of course the 2nd installment of the Urban Romance Session EP "Picture Perfect". A release date hasn't been confirmed just yet but stay tuned.

Posh: Thank you Amber, I really enjoyed the show and I love your music. I can't wait to download "The Playlist" compilation mix and to see you in up coming shows.

Amber Mimz Upcoming shows: the 2nd installment of "Seductive Heat" March 15th @ Indulj DC, I'll be performing with RathMC at a J.Dilla tribute on feb.19th @ Liv and at Webster Hall in NY on March 3. All show dates, updates and everything Mimz can be found at:


Amber Mimz serenading the audience for post Valentine's day. I loved her angel wings.

RaTheMC & Amber Mimz

I loved this performance of "He wants Me" where Amber Mimz chooses a gentleman from the audenice and  serenades him. This young man really enjoyed it, I love the look on his face. "He wants me" comes off of her 1st mixtape "Thoughts While Getting Dressed"  Download here: Mixtape

RaTheMC performance with Amber Mimz

Amber Mimz