New Artist:New Music:: Crystal Renee' ft Wale "Crazy"

Born and raised in Martin, TN - a small town with a population of 10,000 -Crystal Renee grew up with an undeniable love for music.  Although her physical being is no longer there, her spirit will forever exemplify small-town girl - the girl that loves hard and trusts easy.  

Her music is the soundtrack to her life. With her girly-raspy sound, she uses her talent to advocate for love.  She is the naïve, girl-next-door that you want to shake and tell to snap out of it, but the girl that has also learned a thing or two about broken-hearts and struggles.  

Although a true lover at heart, there is also an undeniable edgier side that knows how and when to just have fun.  All of which are heavily displayed in her musical catalog, coming soon!  

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