New Video: Tabi Bonney ft Lykke Li "Where We Gonna Go" Video

D.M.V stand up Tabi Bonney has hit us with another dope video. This video is so sexy and just in time for Valentine's day. I also love the imagery the love interest, the time, the passports, which are the key elements of the video song title Where We Gonna Go.

Where We Gonna Go featuring Swedish songstress Lykke Li and seamlessly blends his hip-hop beats with electronic pop and emotional vocals.
The video features Tabi and a scantily clad beauty chilling at home and enjoying each other's company, while the song's electronic beats slink underneath Tabi's languid rhymes and the atmospheric Lykke Li sample. You can find the track on Tabi's recently released mixtape "Postcards From Abroad..
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tabi Bonney - Where We Gonna Go ft Lykke Li ((Official Video)) from tabi Bonney on Vimeo.

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