Posh D.C/MD Fashion on the scene 2/15 & 2/18

This week I attended 2 events 2.15 Tantric Tuesday's at Indulj open mic  and on 2.18 I attended a dancehall event. I had a blast at both events. Take a look at some fashion that I loved while out in the D.C and Maryland scene.

I spotted these fab women at Indulj. I love the patterned shirt, jacket and logo shirt. All of the ladies were rockin hot shoes/boots and the accessories were on point. A socialite can't live without her phone and hand bag.

I spotted this bohemian diva at Indulj on Tuesday. I love her sequenced embellished shirt with scarf. Her glasses and blond fro is also what stood out to me. Love it!
Poet Orville was looking hot at Indulj. I love his cardigan sweater with bow tie. Orville definitely look debonair tonight. 
I spotted this young nail artist while taking snap shot of myself in the mirror, lol. I was grateful when she offered to take my picture. I turned to her and noticed she had great style. I love her leggings with military style ankle boots, leather jacket with hand bag. I also love the fact that she is wearing a bright green shirt to bring out her outfit.
This is the snap shot that she took. I was wearing a black sequenced tank top by BeBe and black and white jeans also by Bebe.
Fashionista Ramona was looking fabulous at the dancehall event. I loved her jacket it made her sequenced embelished shirt pop. I also loved her matching colored pumps and handbag.
 I spotted Troy in a classic white shirt, blue jeans, trench coat and fitted cap. Pearly whites I might add.