Posh The Socialite is "Super Rich"

I know what you're thinking, "Posh is Super Rich, yea right?" If you haven't picked up the book Super Rich written by Russell Simmons by now, then you might want to go pick it up from your local book store or order it online right now.

In the book, Russell Simmons says "Super Rich is not about becoming materially wealthy. Super Rich is a state of consciousness where your connection to your higher self that is so strong that you’ll be able to recognize that there’s no difference between being broke and being a millionaire, between a beautiful sunset and a terrible thunderstorm, between a newborn baby and a corpse. Simmons writes super right is a state of mind where you’ll be able to appreciate that your entire experience as a human being is blissful and sublime and you'd be able to see the miracles of life unfolding in front of you all the time. Being Super Rich isn’t something that we have to achieve in the world, but rather is already buried in our hearts, he writes. All we have to do is understand that it’s there in order to find the long-term happiness and success that is all of our birthrights. Needing nothing is how you will get Super Rich." 

This book is really inspirational. It helped me to start writing more and to launch my own blog.  Russell Simmons also talks about giving back in his book. If  you give you will receive in abundance. I plan to give back by having a clothing drive to give fashionable party dresses to young ladies who are less fortunate. I'm so excited about this project as I have so many party dresses that have only been worn once or twice. 

This week, on Wednesday, I had the opportunity to briefly speak with Russell Simmons at his book signing at the Borders book store in Largo, Md. He is a real humble man and inspires me to do so much with myself and the community.

At the book signing I also had the opportunity meet a lot of goal-oriented and interesting people that shared the same interest as myself. I  had a chance to do a lot of networking and I had a wonderful time. Check out photos from the event. 

Me  posing with my now official-signed Russell Simmons Super Rich book

Tara Gates Anderson, CEO of Fire Public Relations, Group LLC (middle)
with her beautiful daughter (left) and friend (right)

My networking buddies.
I love Uncle Rush.

Speaking with Russell Simmons about my blog, giving him my business card while getting my Super Rich book signed.