karma's a Bitch: Ciara Denies Mocking Rihanna's Poor Ticket Sales

Rihanna is facing a tough decision as it looks as though she's being encouraged to ditch some of her concert dates in the U.S. due to poor ticket sales for her Loud tour and Ciara was caught sneering.
The 'Ride' singer and RiRi famously fell out a few weeks ago after Ciara was on a TV show and slammed Rihanna.
Then Rihanna tweeted Ciara mocking her poor album sales, she tweeted: "Good Luck with booking that stage you speak of".
While Rihanna is suffering poor ticket sales in the U.S. for the second year in a row, with her 'Last Girl On Earth' tour and now with this year's 'Loud' show.
Ciara was caught having a dig, as she tweeted: " well, well, well, u dont say..." But now the singer has claimed that she was not referring to Rihanna.
In a series of tweets, CiCi denies the reports as she wrote: "well, well, well, u dont say..i didnt say any thing about any1 and a story is created..there is no need for me to hide what i feel (cont)
"or be subliminal when it pertains to that situation. If i had anything to say i would have said it directly. i didnt realize the (cont)"
She also added: "timing of my statement until i saw my timeline. As i told the girl, wrong direction..#stayingpositve"

Source: Tale Tela