D.M.V Featured Reggae Artist N3 "Di Artist" [AUDIO] "Naw Give Up"

If versatility and accurateness, along with advanced lyrical demonstration was enough to determine the potential of an artist, then we would guarantee success for N3 di artiste. Javid Dwayne Humbrasingh, aka N3 di artiste, was born and raised in his home of Yallahas, St. Thomas, Jamaica WI. Javid began this journey and career as an artist on July 23, 2010. 

N3 loves telling the stories of his life in his songs, the good times as well as the hardships of life. Being raised and brought up in the church also inspired his singing. It didn’t take long for him to come to realization that his passion was music. To simply say that N3 is “interested” in music is an understatement, music is a gateway to his soul and spirit that eases his mind and calms him both mentally and physically. Music gives him a sense of relief that keeps him focused on life itself. He doesn’t just make his music; he performs his music with expertise. 

N3 likes to express himself through melodies, finding an incomparable joy through seeing the support and response of his fans. Music comforts him and takes him to another place. To his listeners, the music N3 creates gives them an undeniable and irresistible craving for more and more from N3 di Artiste. N3 is striving for an accomplished promising dancehall/reggae career, which he is on his way to establishing. Earning his musical credibility through performances around the DMV/New York area, recording dub-plates for sound systems and recording hit songs that are widely accepted locally was with ease. 

As a Reggae performing artist, N3 has accepted responsibility in leading the journey of taking this genre across all boundaries. N3 is active in several projects at this moment, his main focus is the mixtape “Street Life” that is to be released January 14th 2011. N3 has a large following for traditional dancehall reggae, which is heavily supported in the DMV region. All the DMV mainstream nightclubs have a reggae dancehall room. 

Managing to position himself in the DMV industry by having more than six top songs in rotation has not been an easy task. As an aspiring artist N3 has created over 20 songs, the more popular ones are: Hustle, Run Back Home to Love, Mop and Hungry Days. N3 di artist has worked with Zulan O’Brien, Anxious, Dj Dinero as well as opened for many headlining artists: Octane, Bugle, G Whizz, Vybrant…that’s just to name a few. 

Zulan O’Brien is N3’s co-artist who is quick with his words and very metaphoric. Musically Zulan’s skills are beyond this world. He loves to paraphrase. He’s just the coolest guy I ever met, stated by N3! Zulan O’Brien as an artist will make it to the top with his persistence and eagerness to make it in this industry. Listening to N3’s music, one should expect the unremarkable and beyond the sky’s-limits. His writing ability allows him to musically take you from an inspirational vibe with culture tunes to various dancehall styles including hardcore and love-making dancehall music. This creativity is shown by exercising the ability of putting words together.

Currently, N3 is a part of Major Links Entertainment, a recording and management company that is based in the D.C. Area. “Major Links is my family and the birthplace of my music.” Clearly stated, as he is very comfortable with his team better said family! Be on the lookout for new music coming from N3 filled with unique lyrics and swagger, as he’s been hard at work in the studio, and can be seen performing at several shows internationally from Europe, the US and straight back home to Jamaica!