Olivia Speaks on Love & Hip Hop on The Breakfast Club [Interview]

Soooo I was watching Love and Hip Hop last night and let's be honest it's kind of messed up how Olivia did not clearly tell the truth about her relationship with Darryl Reevis. The real part that got me is after she got busted she brought up Emily's relationship with Fabolous. Ok, like who does that? Oh I know someone who got busted lying and tries to flip the script. At the same time I understand why she took it their. Emily should have just mind her own business about Olivia and like she said if she wanted to find out she should have asked her instead of talking behind her back to Chrissy. Now, at this point Olivia had to pull Emily's card about her own situation. Hence mind your own business Emily I'm sure Olivia could and would make you cry. Anyway, check out Olivia on The Breakfast Club Interview as she explains how that whole situation went down.