Jim Jones Interview with TT Torres " I Am Not Having Sex With Chrissy" On Love and Hip Hop

Jim Jones calls into the TT Torrez show to chat about his upcoming album Capo being released April 5th, his recent near death car accident, and of course his new show ‘Love & Hip Hop’. On the show Jim’s girlfriend and mother do not get along so TT asked him about how he deals with that uncomfortable situation.
“It’s tough dealing with two of the most important ladies in your life and they don’t get along,” he said.”But I know they both love me unconditionally.”
While Jim laughed at the notion of he and Chrissy getting busy on camera hear what he had to say about Chrissy proposing to him and whether or not he had relations with Somaya Reece over atiPowerRichmond.com.
Source Urban Daily