Fashion: All About Leopard Print Summer 2011

Leopard print is definitely back in for this summer. It's so crazy that animal prints can go in and out of style. I used to give away items now I store pieces in a storage unit in hopes that the fashion trend of topic will come back such as leopard prints. 

This just happened to me with wedges I went to my storage and pulled a load of wedges that I had from two or three years ago. Check out the many ways you can wear leopard print, whether you wear it in it's classic color black and gold or dare to be different and wear colorful print. If you have any pictures of yourself in animal print email me at and you can be featured in a follow up post.

I bought this leopard print bandeau for myself and these leopard print sandals for Lil Posh just the other day. I have a leopard print dress tucked away in the back of my closet. I'll post it when I do the follow up post on my readers.