Posh Spring 2012 Fashion Tips "Still Coolin "

Hey ladies, I wanted to give you guys some on my personal spring fashion ideas, because it's not quit warm yet but, you still want to look stylish without looking like you're still stuck in winter. I also noticed that in the D.C metropolitan area, where I am from, that the weather my change drastically from day to night.

My advice is layers. Wear a cute jacket, blazer, button up cardigan, or   sweater over a tank top, t-shirt or blouse. 

I also love wearing tights with a cute skirt or jeans short with your favorite booties, whether it's open toed or not. I don't really like wearing leather ankle booties or closed toe boots during the spring, but whatever floats your boat.

Jeans is always a way to play it safe if you're not sure about what the day may be like, but to keep the spring feel try colored denim. 

If you're going to go out on a day trip and love heels try some stylish wedges or your favorite broken in high heels that are comfortable. It's nothing like seeing that one chick that looks like she is pain while walking. Looking uncomfortable takes away from the whole outfit and your sexiness. You don't want to look like a truck ran over your toes or you just left the club "shoeicide".

Check out some of the examples here and if you have any spring fashion tips and pictures or if you tried out some of my tips and want to show off your   posh glam style please feel free to  email at posh.global@gmail.com