Sexy Celebrities Signature Poses!

Kim Kardashian "The over the shoulder, booty pop"

Check out some of your favorite celebrities signature poses. Do you have a signature pose? If so email me at by June 1, 2011 and I will do a repost with some of my favorite viewers signature poses. If I don't know any better I will get the D.C/ MD poke out your lip deuces poses ha!

Kate Hudson "The Peace and Pout"

Megan Fox "The tongue twister" 

AnnaLynee McCord "Blow Kisses"

Gwen Stefani " The lean back"

Paris Hilton "The back scoop"

Justin Bieber  "Hand in pocket schwag"

Victoria Posh  Beckman "Put your best foot forward"

Katy Perry "The sexy stare"

Miley Cyrus "The Hi bishes I'm here"