Lil Mama Is Weird #PoshShrug [VIDEO]

WTF? is Lil Mama doin in this pose?

Lil Mama is weird as shit! Okay, it's one thing being Lady Gaga and dressing strange, but when she speaks she sounds intelligent. It's another thing when an interviewer ask you a question about making a new album and you ramble  on about moving to Paris. It's to the point that every headline on almost every urban blog says that "Lil Mama is not going to rap anymore" and that she is moving to Paris. Clearly in the video she said she dropped a single that only her fans know about. Girl sit down. I swear I had the blank stare of confusion after watching this video. Besides after that whole walking on stage during that Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance, I never looked at Lil Mama the same. Anyway, take a look for yourself and you be the judge. I hope I don't sound mean, but I'm just being honest #PoshShrug!

video source RapUP