Posh Blog: Countdown To Top Summer Do's and Don'ts By PTS Viewers [Pt 1]

Wear a bikini or bathing suit that fits and no heels to the beach-Posh
Summer is approaching and it's nothing like seeing people out and about  that is either right or wrong, when it comes to fashion, hygiene, and overall  common sense when it comes to summer heat. I asked some of my facebook and twitter viewers to send me a list of some do's and don'ts for the summer. I can tell you now I have already seen some non pedicure feet male and female walking around and it's totally gross. Check out Posh The Socialite viewers summer do's and don'ts tips!

Mina W.
10.  Powder and vaseline combo on your feet keep them moist all day while wearing your favorite heels and sandles.  No crusty feet ladies lol9. DO- Let your car air out for at least 5 min before turning on the a.c, when ac is immediatly turned on cancer causing fumes and toxins come through the vents.  So allow the car to air out before you turn on the ac.  Never turn it on while the windows are still up and the car is still hot.

8.DON'T-  Ladies don't wear a razor back shirt with a bra with straps, wear a bandeau or a bra that you can change the straps, it's nothing like seeing someones bra. I think it looks tacky especially the dingy white bras or the colorful non matching bras. 7. Shave your armpit hair and no deodorant that will leave deodorant balls hanging from your under arm fellas ewww!
Don't wear razorback shirts with bras

Do wear a razorback with a bra with hidden straps or a bandeau.

6. DO: "Take a shower at least twice a day on a hot summer day." I totally agree with Damion, it's nothing like seeing and smelling a hot and sweaty friend. 

Some of my summer time do's and don'ts include hydration. Keep a water bottle or  buy bottled water. I like to freeze my water bottles so when I'm out my water doesn't get hot. Keep deodorant in your car for emergencies, you never know when you have to step out to see a friend or business partner. Ladies if your going to the beach, leave the 6 inch heels in the car their is no need to wear them if your going to walk in the sand or go for a swim.

Look out for Countdown to Top Summer Do's and Don't Pt 2 by YOU the viewers of PoshTheSocialite.com and Thanks to Mina, Hawa, and Damion for your in put!!!!!