Posh Blog: "The Jean Vest" [Fashion Series}

Today's Posh blog is about this "sleeveless jean jacket" okay okay vest that I was talking about on twitter a couple of weeks ago. I searched high and low for this jean vest and had finally found it at Honeycomb Hideout. The reason why I wanted this jean vest so bad is because I had so many old dresses and rompers that I envisioned to bring back out by adding this key piece to make it look cute.

I don't really like buying too many chill outfits for the summer, so this was an idea I had to save money. I'm not the only one with this jean vest obsession. I went into a boutique and met a sales women that was also in search of a jean vest. I was lucky the jean vest that you see here was the last on the rack that I happened to find in between some other sale items. It's a large but I took it anyway because of my long search. 

The woman at boutique idea was to go to a vintage store and find a jean jacket and cut the sleeves off which is another good idea if you have trouble finding a key piece item for your summer wardrobe. Here are some examples of how I took some old jumpers that I had tucked away from 3 to 4 years ago, added the jacket and made a whole new outfit from it. If you have any summer outfit ideas that are taken from old clothing and adding some key pieces to change the look email me at posh.global@gmail.com I will post more look during the summer of "The Jean Vest"!