Posh Blog: Summer Fashion Trend Rompers!

In late fall early spring I posted a fashion post on the fashion trend jumpers, now that it is getting steamy hot the new trend for the summer are rompers. I love rompers because their are so many styles that you can rock on any occasion from cook outs to day or evening parties. I also love the fact that you don't have to waste time looking for a top or bottom. 

Just shimmy yourself into the one piece, throw on some accesories and you're ready to go. You can change the look by adding pieces like belts and if it's cool in the evening you can throw a light blazer jacket on. Check out several types of rompers and different ways that you can wear it!

If you decide to rock any of these looks send your picture in to posh.global@gmail.com

I would wear this at a day or evening party

Celebrities in rompers

The preppy men's style romper

The bohemian style romper

The sporty casual romper

The metallic glamour look

The feminine floral day time look