Posh Blog: Who is Barbee and Why Does She Resemble Nicki Minaj? [VIDEO]

Okay, so when I first saw Barbee I thought ehh she really doesn't look like Nicki Minaj. I think it's more of the Assets yea, that's what it is oh and the pink wig that she wears in her video, oh and the name Barbee. Ummm okay I see where this is going. Now, with all the Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim beef and swagga jackin' I wonder if their is gonna be a twitter beef within the three artist. I'm also wondering what's the reaction of Trini featuring in her video will be like. You know like how Lil Kim got mad at Keyshia Cole for featuring in a Nicki Minaj single. Will Nicki Minaj get mad at Trina? I can't take this drama that I feel is brewing in the stew pot. Barbee sound is way different. Anyway, you be the judge check out Barbee featuring Trina in "Come See About Me" and tell me what you think.