Swagga Jackin Alert: Lil Mama Vs Nicki Minaj

Swagga jackin' alert goes to Lil Mama!!! Okay Okay, so blond blunt cut bob wigs weren't invented for just Nicki Minaj. I just personally think that when a popular celebrity is known for a signature pose or style, then a fellow artist should not jack the other's style. I mean didn't Lil Mama see the beef between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj and obviously bloggers such as myself are going to compare immediately. I think having your own personal style is what make the person more unique even if you're not a celebrity. I could be wrong, what do you think?

Lil Mama got the whole Nicki Minaj swag down from the hair the shoes and the pose!, but she does look good. 

Nicki Minaj actually looks normal. I wonder if her alter ego left the building and jumped into Lil Mama's body.

Nicki Minaj sporting her blond bob wig a couple of weeks ago at the Samsung infuse launch.