Featured Eye Wear Designer Prinze Naki

Posh: Thank you for this interview Prinze Naki, so tell me a little bit about yourself in the fashion & designing industry and about your eye wear line?

Prinze Naki: Well, I started having interest in the fashion world in 2006 my senior year of high school.  I actually started out as a model , tried out for a modeling group and made the team, then started runway coaching and it sailed on from there. Ive worked with numerous of fashion shows, production companies, entertainment companies.

Posh: What inspired you to get into the shades design business and how long have you been designing shades?

Prinze Naki: The designing side always was there but actually put to work june 2010 just took a pair of 3D glasses in my room and just started to put crazy things all over them and then started to discover really unique pieces of art and thats when the whole Eyewear thing was born and I then knew this was something I wanted to do and I wanted the world to see.
My shades are very Over The Top , really good for editorial shoots, anything behind the camera.
Playing with my imagination, and creativity is what inspired me get in the design business because I then knew I had something to share and something that I knew people would go crazy for. I been designing now for a year and one month now but release my collection entitled BOLD in May of 2011.

Posh: So, I know their are several shades designers such as popular shade designer SB and I know of another shades accessories designer from Connecticut Ricky Da'Vista shades. How do you compare your shades to the competitors?

Prinze Naki: Well I knew this question will arise but basically I really dont compare my designs with all the others I think we all bring something different and new to table my designs honestly are different ive never seen my style of designing anywhere I made sure my designs was my own and something the world never seen before my style of designing can be from pearls, to vintage antique, to objects you never seen before turned into art.
Well I cant speak for there pricing but im super reasonable check website, or email  for pricing.
The BOLD collection was basically design for anyone who enjoy amazing art and who would love to have my work in what there doing.

Posh: Have you designed your shades for any fashion shows/editorials or any upcoming photo shoots? If so, tell me more about your upcoming projects and what your fans should look out for.

Prize Naki: So far ive been booked for photo shoots upcoming music videos and movies sets Ive had the pleasure to work with Corey B off the love game show on Oxygen Network , Joe Exclusive lisa Raye and Celebrity Stylist , Tayo Fajamasin Agent from Ford Modeling Agency in NY , upcoming projects are a editorial shoot with a vintage Boutique, and a music video in virginia, who know whats next something amazing I know lol. But everyone should look out for new designs and projects everything will be listed on my website.

Posh: Thank you Naki for taking I'm so proud and excited for you and I can't wait to see your eye wear in all of your upcoming photo shoots and projects. How can the viewers get in contact with you to learn more about your shades or to contact you to purchase?

Prinze Naki: All my viewers can get in contact with me three ways:

Facebook.com/ Naki Carey
Twitter.com/ Naki Carey
Booking email prinze.naki@gmail.com