Nicki Minaj Rockin' A Pair Of Margot Wedge Sandal

Nicki Minaj was spotted out in Miami, Florida wearing a pair of Opening Ceremony Margot wedge sandals ($730). These orange leopard print and patent leather platform sandals feature a lace-up front, open-toe, open heel, and a high wedge heel. Check out Nicki Minaj boyfriend S.B shirt below. I don't blame him we are the people that give people more name, I'm just saying. 

Not that I'm a blogger that gossip, okay just a little ha!. I just think that although it's gossip it gives fame and fame equals more money. Also, sometimes the bloggers are correct especially when they get a hold of official documents to scan and put on blast for the rest of the world to see. What do you guys think? Or should blogger just mind our damn business huh?
source: Margot Wedge Sandal Upscale Hype

Check out SB shirt in the background though haha!