Basketball Wives LA: Meet Laura And Gloria Govan [Video]

If you all know me by now, then you all know that I'm a reality show junkie. The premier of Basketball Wives is August 29th. I'm excited to hear all about the Govan's sisters that I know will make the show check out more about these two ladies as they go in about their lives as basketball wives.

Perhaps the most recognizable face that will appear on Basketball Wives LA is the one belonging to Gloria Govan. Gloria, a cast member on the first season of Basketball Wives Miami, was often at odds with the women on that show because of her take-no-bulls— approach. Now that she’s paired up with her like-minded sister,Laura on the new show, she’s a bit more at home.
In this video, Laura talks about how she’s not just a basketball wife, she’s also a basketball coach, and she basically lives and breathes the sport. That is, when she’s not spending all her time with her four children. Gloria, who has known her fiance, Matt Barnes, since she was twelve, has also had a life-long connection to the sport, but here she discusses the importance of family and how to keep a healthy relationship alive under so much constant pressure. But Gloria and Matt seem to have an understanding about fidelity. “I believe in trust,” she explains. “I definitely trust Matt…Having me walk out with the kids and half, if not all of his money, there really should be no piece of ass worth that.” We told you she takes no bulls—.
via VH1 vlog