D.M.V Featured Artist QP "Stories Of A Legend"

QP was born and raised in "the DMV" (D.C., Maryland and Virginia), mostly Virginia. His love and passion for music began with "Go-Go", the local music scene. Family and friends are major supporters of the QP brand. His father was in a Go-Go band so throughout his childhood and teen years he frequently went to Go-Go shows. It was then he was inspired to be the lead mic of his own band. Once he began researching how Go-Go music is created, he discovered commercial music and the different genres it included.

Inspiration came from every corner. Big G, DMX, Jay-Z, Hot Boys, T.I., 2Pac, Biggie, Snoop Dogg
and the list goes on! At the age of 20, he decided to pursue rap professionally. After a mere 4 years he's put out plenty of hot singles, a mixtape and has worked with artists from around the world. His songwriting ability is drawn from wanting to be completely original. A skill that has enabled him to write lyrics for many genres. STORIES OF A LEGEND vol.2 is available now!

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