Kelly Rowland Featured In Upscale Magazine!

Kelly Rowland is mysterious in her black and white photoshoot for the November issue of Upscale magazine and dishes on quite a bit. In the featured talks about settling down, how her X Factor UK gig has opened up new opportunities for her and finding her confidence and sensuality on her latest album Here I Am. Kelly says the new album and touring with Chris Brown has helped fans see a different side of her. "I’m showing a side of myself that has probably never tapped into. It’s not even so much a new Kelly. It’s just tapped into a more sensual side." Check out scans of the featured after the jump.

This year has proved to be fulfilling for Rowland as she racked a number one song on Billboard’s R&B charts with “Motivation, a ton of well-regarded magazine features and to mention, a gig as a judge panelist on the U.K.’s X-Factor. Millions of records sold and Rowland is still overjoyed when performing and appearing in foreign countries…

“When you go to countries that don’t even speak English, that really just blows your mind,” Rowland says on their familiarity of her music. “You think the closer you’re gonna get to some of theses places is your social studies and history books. It’s really beautiful to watch. The first time that happened in France, I was just crying, thinking, ‘Oh my gosh! Is this for real? This is on some Jackson 5 Stuff!

On evolving and her album, Here I Am
“I’m looking to make great music and that’s what I’ve done with this new album,” she says. “I think when they buy the record, when they listen to the words, when they go to a show, they’ll continue to learn more as I continue to learn more. I think that they see me appreciating [my sexuality], which makes them kind of appreciate it as well.”

Rowland admits to thinking about a family and a kid of her own, after dismissing any hook-ups with Nelly–her longtime collaborator of “Dilemma” and “Gone”…
“Nelly’s my brother…I think about marriage, I think about children. Right now, I’m not really thinking about it, because I’m so busy with the record. I’m happy in the space where I am moving I’m moving and working and I’m loving it, I’m enjoying it.”

On X-Factor creatively inspiring her…
I was just looking at the talent and wanting to get even better,” Rowland says. “There’s so many people out here, and so much self-belief. There’s so many kids who come to the auditions and their life circumstances and different challenges have dealt them a bitter card…but they’re holding on to that dream and making it through the audition.”