Lil Mama Gives Haters A Song To Sing About [VIDEO]

Instead of retaliating to blogs and news reports about all the negative reports that are being said about Lil Mama, the hip hop diva pours that negative energy into a new dope single. Lil Mama said "If you're on the internet, I'm sure you know what's been going on with my career, people tryna dog me, disrespect. But that's all right 'cause I'm a black girl and I rock. You know when the haters wanna talk and be disrespectful, I actually wrote this song before the radio interview happened and all that stuff. Basically this song is [about] they gon' say and they gon' do what they gon' do cause I'ma do me."

Lil Mama also performed a second song called Hustler Girl, which she dedicated to all the women who have dealt with adversity. Maybe that interview with The Breakfast Club, and Charlamagne being hard on her may have really impacted Lil Mama in her musical come back. What do guys think? Hit me up and let me know!