Sneak Peek Basketball Wives L.A EP 10 Aloha Drama!

Basketball Wives L.A is so much drama not as much as the original Basketball Wives, but things stir up while the women take a trip to Hawaii! Check out the sneak peek of  "Aloha Drama" below and tell me what you think. 

In this sneak of Basketball Wives L.A., the ladies are on their way to Hawaii where there’s a volcano that’s about ready to blow. While Laura and Gloria prepare for the trip by going shopping for bathing suits, Imani is hard at work, secretly moving all of Laura’s belongings out of her house. Ouch. And yet (to mix our geological metaphors in one post), this is just the tip of the drama iceberg. Tune in to the full episode Monday at 8pm ET/PT to watch Laura and Imani finally sort out their issues, and trust us when we say that this season is about to get more heated than ever.