Countdown:Posh Top 5 #LoveandHipHop Songs #1 Red Cafe' "Fly Together" Ft Rick Ross & Ryan Leslie

My #1 Song on the Posh Love and Hip Hop songs countdown is Red Cafe' "Fly Together" featuring Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie. I chose this song because it's been on repeat in my car and I love the lyrics. This is a true Love and Hip Hop song. Red Cafe' was recently in D.C partying at Stadium Club. Check out my #1 Love and Hip Hop song and tell me what would be on your list.

[ryan leslie:]
so when i fly you fly we fly together
and when i shine you shine we shine forever

[red cafe:]
i’m a boss so i need a boss chick
and we can boss up like the bosses
all about green like paul pierce
mayweather look zero losses
dime in the day, dime in the night
five star chick ’bout that five star life
i must admit i’m a fan
your shoe game ruthless girl god damn
been a few years you’re my number 1
blood in my veins, breath in my lungs
we the ones winning so they want toast
love the way you’re doing it, keep doing itnow
fly like a jet blue stewardess
you can fly alone but i don’t advise it
i’m inviting you to fly with the pilot