Entertainment Mogul Anwaa Kong Releases NEW Clothing Line, "BBB" (Ble$$ed Beyond Belief)

Entertainment Mogul Anwaa Kong 
Entertainment Mogul Anwaa Kong Releases NEW Clothing Line, "BBB" (Ble$$ed Beyond Belief)
Making its Debut at the Legendary 930 Club in Washington, DC
Washington, DC (Wed, November 23, 2011)- It was cold, damp night in the Washington, DC area Monday evening, however there was a line around the corner at the legendary 930 Club. The Smoker's Club tour was in town which featured some of the most praised acts in Hip Hop currently such as: Smoke Dza, Rich Hil, Curen$y, Big Krit & Method Man. It was around the 10 o'clock pm hour when Missippi's own Big Krit took to the stage and that is when it happened. Big Krit just did not take to the stage with the enormous energy he always has, but he was wearing "BBB" (Ble$$ed Beyond Belief) sweatshirt. "BBB", which is short for Ble$$ed Beyond Belief, was created by Anwaa Kong who is also the owner of Elite DC Mag & Radio based in Washington, DC. Anwaa had met Big Krit earlier Monday morning while he was conducting an interview with the Elite Morning Mix show. When Big Krit was shown the sweatshirt he immediately stated "Yo, I'm about that Blessed stuff!" and immediately replaced what he was wearing with his new found article of clothing.
When asked about how "BBB" was started, Anwaa states "The "BBB" concept started on Twitter. Everyday I would get up and my first tweet would be "BBB Blessed Beyond Belief." I would get a lot of retweets from it and someone suggested I should make it into a clothing line. I thought about the idea and decided to move forward." Anwaa prides himself on originality and being creative and believes that "BBB" is a movement and one that can change the world, one person at a time.
For more information on "BBB" please follow them at @weareBBB and visit the site to purchase items at www.weareBBB.com. If you belong to Twitter, please join into the daily conversation and use the official hash tag of #BBB. You can also follow the creator at @AnwaaKong.
The "BBB" Motto is the following:
I worked hard and was Ble$$ed with wealth
I been to places Beyond your imagination
I Believed in myself to succeed, and i achieved it

I AM Ble$$ed Beyond Belief

"The thing with BBB is that everyone is blessed. That's why people can relate to it. If you have a job, home, money, clothing, health and life you are blessed. None of those things are promised to us. Its a blessing to have it. Being Blessed is not exclusive to anyone, we are all blessed." - Anwaa Kong

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Women's' Pink & Black BBB