Going Ham On Black Friday: Top Crazy Photos

I love the caption to the above picture. Gotta love the craziness of Black Friday, check out some crazy photos from the event. If you got a really good deal comment and tell me what you think about the crazy photos. Send your Black Friday photos posh.global@gmail.com

Customers wait outside for the doors to open for Black Friday.

I think this guy just swagged and surfed to get his Black Friday item.

Hundreds of shoppers clamoring over two digital cameras at an electronics store.

A girl is thrilled that she fought off two middle-aged women for 3 bathrobes made in China, somewhere in Southern California.

Customers at a Colorado Best Buy fight over big screen TV's

Video game fanatics rack up on PS3 and XBox 360's

All of these jeans look the same to me so why the pushing and shoving?  Now pondering.

I was really hoping this was a flash mob about to dance, but nope Black Friday customers..lol