Love and Hip Hop Season 2: Chrissy Talks About Love & Drama!

Love and Hip Hop fans I know you can't wait for the premiere of season 2.  Last season we saw Chrissy propose to her long time boyfriend Jim JonesMy take on Chrissy's relationship with is that she def need to let go of thinking Jim Jones will marry her. We will see how it plays out in this season. 

In my opinion I really think that today it may be okay to just be in a long term relationship without getting married. But, then again when you're married it's more to it than a ring. Well, check out what Chrissy has to say about love, her wedding proposal to Jim Jones, her life on a reality show and her opinion about Somaya.

Tell me what you think about Chrissy and Jim Jones relationship. Do you think he will marry her?