New Music: Mobb Deep " Get It Forever" Featuring Nas

I love me some Mobb Deep and Nas. If you know me personally then you know that I love Hip Hop and I love New York rappers. Heck, I love all rappers no matter where you're from. It's just that flavor that I'm attracted to with my N.Y artist anyway check out this review for Mobb Deep and Nas collaboration on

Mobb Deep joins up with Nas for their latest single, “Get It Forever” off of the newest album Black Cocaine which is set to release next week.  Nas, Prodigy and Havoc come with that gritty, continuous flow from 1993 that hip hop has been lacking as of late.  The vocals are draped over a bassy slow tempo beat that many New York artists with that 90s flow cling to.  This collaboration with Nas is a good move for The Infamous because of Nas’s recent popularity and his ability to feature and be a lyrical force on any song.