Notoriety - Live @ My House Bar & Lounge [Hip Hop Live]

If you love hip hop music then you will defiantly love this performance of Notoriety live at My House Bar & Lounge. Pretty dope! Check out the video below and tell me what you think.

Notoriety stepped out on Thursday, 10/21 to preview a few tracks off the upcoming mixtape, "Road Trippin', Kool-Aid Sippin', Chicken, Beef Patties, And Herb" (which will release by the end of 2011). Not only do they perform un-released tracks, but at the 3:27 mark Incredible Chuck drops a beatbox, while Vydle Sinez kicks a verse. The #Gainerz definition/explanation and the "CHICKEN, BEEF PATTIES, AND HERB" chant were the icing on the show.