Reggie Bush Plotting To Get Back With Kim Kardashian!?!

Okay, guys I'm not really into gossiping okay, yes I am! (just a little) lol. Anyway, I'm really tired of  hearing about Kim Kardashian filing divorce papers to her estrange husband Kris Humphries. Let me give you guys my opinion about the whole relationship and what rumor is surfacing now.

At first I thought "how sweet" finally Kimmy "The Hopeless Romantic" is finally  in love. I also thought about how she portrayed herself as wanting to be in a relationship on her show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" and always failing.  So, yes I was excited about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries engagement and marriage.

Now jumping to the past with Kim and Reggie Bush relationship.  I thought that they made a really good couple and was confused why the two broke up, clearly with blogs and website I really didn't pay attention too much until the KUWTK show.

Now, word in the blogosphere is that Reggie is trying to get back with Kim. All the flip flopping with all of these guys has my head spinning. Maybe Kim should  take a break before jumping into a new relationship. What do you guys think? Are you tired of hearing about Kim Kardashians relationships? Do you think Kim should get back with Damon Thomas (Kim's first husband), Nick Lachey  (Oh he's married now) Ray Jay ( Too much drama!) Gabriel Aubrey (One of Halle Berry's ex-boyfriends), or Reggie Bush! Ha Ha!!!!