2011 Sexiest Female Videos From Beyonce', Kelly Rowland, Nicole Scherzinger, Britney Spears & Jennifer Lopez

Beyonce - "Best Thing I Never Had"

With 59 million views on YouTube, it's fair to say we're not the only people who noticed how incredibly sexy Beyonce looked in this simple yet compelling music video. While the clip runs a little over four minutes in length, it's the first bit that really catches your eye. It's here we see the pop diva singing along to her 80s inspired single wearing nothing but lingerie. If you want to know what she looks like in a wedding gown, continue watching past the 1:50 mark. Otherwise, just pause and replay. 

Kelly Rowland - "Lay It On Me"

From one former Destiny's Child member to another, we bring you the most steamy music video to ever include a slinky and plenty of bald heads. Kelly Rowland hasn't found nearly the same level of success and fame as Beyonce. But her relative lack of star power hasn't stopped her from maintaining quite the sex appeal. And after all, what's more important in life, name value, or the ability to look sizzling in a skin-tight leotard? 

Jennifer Lopez - "On the Floor" 

With a mind-blowing 439 million YouTube views, it's safe to say a "new generation of party people" have been introduced to Jennifer Lopez via her smash hit single "On the Floor." Though 42-years-old, the pop star clearly hasn't lost her ability to shake her best assets and look incredibly sexy in the process. Either that, or the whole video was shot in CGI. Whatever the case, she looks damn good. 

Britney Spears - "Criminal"

In 2004, Britney Spears gave us one of the sexiest music videos to ever involve futuristic flight attendants, fake red hair, leather, and Tyson Beckford: "Toxic." She then cut off her real hair, got married in Vegas, and effectively lost her mind. But by the power of the Mickey Mouse Club, the pop queen bounced back and had "Criminal" peak at No. 3 on Belgian's Ultratip Flanders chart! In the video, the singer shows off some lingerie and gets busy with a guy who's "got no conscience." Things get even more steamy when the two hop into the shower for a quick and entirely necessary make out scene. 

Nicole Scherzinger - "Right There" 

Once you get past 50 Cent's awful intro, and the fact that the former Pussycat Doll mistakenly thinks she's the second coming of Rihanna, there's no reason not to enjoy this sexy music video. If you mixed Crazy Town's "Butterfly" in a blender with Kim Kardashian and a healthy dose of actual talent, you'd get something like this four minute long clip. While moms probably don't want their little daughters singing "Me like the way that he go down down, a down down, a down down," we'll assume most of the 48 million people who watched the clip on YouTube were too busy staring at Scherzinger to actually comprehend what she was saying. 

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