Fabolous Goes In About His Relationship With Emily B. Not So Love And Hip Hop

If you're a faithful Love and Hip Hop viewer like myself, then you'll be happy to know that Fab has finally had a chance to speak about what he really think of the show. Fabolous goes in about his relationship with Emily B and interest in a family oriented reality show. Check out Fabolous interview with Angie Martinez and tell me what you think about Fab say on not so Love and Hip Hop.

Listen to the full interview here: Angie Martinez

On how he feels about Love & Hip Hop
It’s just not my cup of tea. It’s just one-side of what’s going on. I don’t bash it but I’m not really in support of it either. I don’t think it depicts me the way I am; it just depicts a one-sided version of what’s really going on
Why not participate then?Because it’s a few different things I don’t agree with the show. Ownership is one of them. There’s no ownership on her side and she’s kind of like a piece of somebody else’s show and I’m not with that. I put too many years of me working in this industry for me to be a piece of somebody else’s thing.

On if he’d be open to doing a family structured showI would be involved in a show that was something like “Run’s House.” I can’t reference T.I’s show because I’ve never seen it. A family show. Even the Kardashian’s to me is more family branded and structured. I wouldn’t do a “For The Love of Fabolous” show, no. I would lean more to that type of show then I would do any of those other types of shows.

On being a celebrity and keeping his personal life personal.As a celebrity, you have to have some type of piece of your personal life. Look at Jay-Z and Beyonce; everybody knew Jay and Beyonce were dating. They were sitting around at award shows together like they weren’t together for a while before they came out and said whatever. But your life doesn’t always have to be exposed. There are a lot of people whose personal lives aren’t exposed.

Angie: But your personal life has been exposed.In a way; in a one-sided way. Everything may not be right in your personal life, so that’s another reason why you may also give everything. Not saying me but I’m just saying general. If everything ain’t down to the T like you want it to be then that’s a reason for you not to put it on TV.
I always looked at Keyshia Cole’s show and I hope this doesn’t get taken the wrong way but I felt like some of her family was getting exploited because everybody’s making money. Sometimes you have to look and say “Dang, it’s kind of making them look crazy a little bit. Would I want my mom or my sister….” I’ll still have that morality in me.
I wouldn’t want to exploit anyone in my family. My son; my son’s mother. I wouldn’t even want to do a show with any of that unless we all agreed together to do it.

On bringing Kimbella on the showThat’s how you know the producers of that show… I wouldn’t say that they don’t care about Emily but they’re there to make entertaining television. If they can dig up a girl from four years ago who can make an interesting twist in an episode of their show then guess what, they’ll do it. Where did she come from?

Are you the bad guy?I’m not. From their depiction of what I am, I can see why people would think that but I’m also not going to bash the show and get into a verbal back and forth with my son’s mother over some people who really don’t know me and they don’t change anything in my life.

Are you and Emily in a good place?I think so; I think we have a great relationship as far as being a mother and father or woman and man or whatever our situation is without a title. I think we’re in a good space communicating. She’s traveled with me for my birthday; she hadn’t really did much traveling with me at all but I thought it was a time where we could hang out and get to re-getting to know each other. Now we’re at different ages; I’ve known her for years and now we have a son together; her daughter’s older. It’s a different situation so it’s kind of like regrouping but the show is entertainment, so they’re not going to show that.

Do you watch the show?No, I’ve never watched it. I’ve heard what people say about the show
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