Hot Look! Nicki Minaj Spotted in New York City & Rumored Engagement to S.B!

Nicki Minaj was spotted leaving a NYC hotel after celebrating her 29th birthday!  I so love Nicki she was rocking a purple Louis Vuitton monogram  bag  and Fur coat, oh so Posh! 

Let's pray that's faux fur can't have P.E.T.A throwing blood on my blog hahaha. Anyway rumors in the blogosphere is also spreading like wall fire that Nicki Minaj is engaged to her boyfriend S.B. Do you guys see the rock on Nicki's finger? That ring has the gossip blogger's wondering and has the blogs buzzing. Anyway, I love Nicki check out more pictures of her dodging papparazi as she leaves the hotel and tell me what you think of engagement ring.