On The Scene: Posh & Friends Takes Cafe'Asia & Braat Studio In Washington, D.C! [Video]

A couple of weeks ago me and the girls went out to Cafe' Asia. It was mad crazy I swear by the end of the night it was like that move "Hangover" and "Dude Where's My Car" I had a blast even though we all forgot what happened for most of the night, not to mention I lost my car for one hour lol. Also, a couple of months ago myself and Grace Amazin hosted WKYS DJ Trini & Host Fonzarelly birthday bash, with that being said a dope video was made by @Kochief HD depicting life of a socialite in D.C, Check out the photos and video below:

Posh, NewNu J, Nikki J Love, Sola Love

Nikki J Love

NewNu Jay, Nikki J Love, Brooklyn Ari, Sola Love, Posh

Grace Amazin & Friends

Grace Amazin & Friends

Tiger Lili & Posh

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