Rowdy T Northlondon "No Mercy No Fear" Mixtape [Download]

Rowdy T. Northlondon Mixtape Release

Laying down a path for other mixtapes to follow, Rowdy T Northlondon a dynamic hip hop artist/producer, musically established in the UK/US underground urban scene was born and bred out of Tottenham; North London UK’s inner city neighborhood before relocating to Miami.

It is no surprise Rowdy’s gangsta rap music is the product of his UK North London’s hometown environment where he grew up and remained loyal as his music reflects.  Tottenham has seen a rise in gun related murder and various other violent crimes.  Infamously known for the 1985 urban riots.  Twenty six years later the catalyst that sparked the 2011 North London urban riots again, that spread throughout the other cities in the UK. 

With a reputation of producing essentially good music, Rowdy T Northlondon is categorically one of the most progressive and hardest hitting UK/US rising underground artist who is not new to the game.  His debut album was released in 2006 “U Know da name”.  Rowdy T is resilient to some figures in the music business that have decidedly overlooked his talent, due to the national & international spotlight on him since becoming synonymous with the Yung Berg Batman chain beef. There are also many A&R’s studying this beacon’s portfolio, progress and potential that he has to offer the industry. They have embraced his music for delivering hip hop in his own unregulated hardcore and unapologetic UK style & repping of his N17 hometown North London.

This thoroughbred North-Londonite’s latest mixtape  “No Mercy No Fear’’ became a matter of reputation of producing a mixtape that would live up to the mark.  Rowdy-T signs on with his signature Tottenham anthem song and lays down proof that he has expanded and developed himself as an independent artist, with an incredible polished range he cross-platforms genre whilst flexing his capabilities to flow in numerous styles and combinations; continually testing his boundaries to some of the strongest beats that have been his own production.

This heavily street influenced mixtape is not for the faint-hearted because it packs more megablast soundtracks than hammers of a 45, although included is a moments of teleportation to R&B with ‘Not gonna let u go’. 

There are some surprises on this mixtape but the reality is, Rowdy will be rowdy as the title tracks tells you exactly what it is. Rowdy T explores relationships with British & American Rappers.Futuristic Swag sees the collaboration with emcee J-killa who has been dubbed a lil Wayne as he embarks on some adrenaline and synchronized flows with Rowdy T.  

J-killa shows true skills as a heavy weight and spectacularly disciplines himself as if he was the boss on the track. His Southern combinations, slugging hard to make impressions t ocapture the performance by manipulating rhymes that blends into magic. 

Fans will feel this southern bass club-banger taking them for a ride.  Perhaps it’s not enough therefore Yung Flowda makes his impression on the forefront of the track “Clutchin on da 45” spitting smooth cool but fire uninterrupted lyrics, whilst Rowdy brings the track to a climax with militaristic stand up lyrical vibes without compromise.  Soundtrack “U no what im bout” comes Three the hard way! Rowdy T, J-killa and a talented young rapper “British” who is also US based. 

He is an entirely inoffensive mild mannered charming artist, structurally encapsulating his good lyrics as he premiers on this mixtape.   “No Mercy No Fear” is a testament that UK hip hop artist Rowdy T Northlondon is current and relevant while he continues his orchestrated role in stamping his Borough on The Map.
Certified Bangers on the mixtape that deserves your attention: Track 1. It’s all on me /Track 16. Not gonna let u go /Track 18. Where my money at.
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Track List
1  It’s all on me (Rowdy T)
2  Show no emotions (Rowdy T)
3  Aint shit changed (Rowdy T)
4  Don’t talk Don’t walk (Rowdy T)
5  Futuristic Swag (Rowdy T feat J-Killa)
6  The general (Rowdy T)
7  Higher (Rowdy T)
8  My city on da map (Rowdy T)
9  Clutchin on da 45  (Rowdy T feat Yung Flowda)
10  I keep flying (Rowdy T)
11  Red lights (Rowdy T)
12  Im going to kill u (Rowdy T)
13  Money drugs murder (Rowdy T feat J-Killa)
14  U no what im bout (Rowdy T feat British n J-Killa)
15  No surrender (Rowdy T)
16  Not gonna let u go (Rowdy T)
17  Wid me or against me (Rowdy T)
18  Where my money at (Rowdy T feat J-Killa)
19  Riot muzik (Rowdy T)