Amber Rose Is Not Backing Down, "Wants An Apology From Kim Kardashian!"

In recent news Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have been going back and forth regarding Kim K alleged affair with Kanye West. So many reports coming straight from Amber Rose, including a recent interview that she did with Star Magazine.

In the interview Amber said that although the reality star was still with Reggie Bush, she would send Kanye racy photos. Once Amber confronted Kim, she received no response.  

In the magazine Amber says Kim ignored her emails . "She's cut from a different cloth than I am, I would have answered it. I would have said I'm sorry Or maybe say that Kanye was telling her that he cared about her. Be a woman and let me know. But she didn't It's very important that us women stick together and we don't f**k each other like that. It's not cool. You don't do that to somebody. There's millions of men out there." Amber also discussed how happy she is with Wiz and grateful for the turn of events. 

My question is why is Amber Rose bringing up all this controversy now?  It's so out of the blue and random. It's almost like she need to stay relevant so she picks on Kimmy K. If Amber is so happy with Wiz why bring this all up knowing that the two are so in love? Tell me what you think.