Update: Congratulations To Beyonce' & Jay-Z Welcoming Baby Girl Carter!

Congratulations to Beyonce' and Jay-Z's new edition Baby Girl Carter. According to sources Beyonce' gave birth this evening in New York at Lennox Hill hospital. "Both mother and baby are doing fine." Rihanna also confirmed the delivery from her tweet below: 

Update: Sources confirms that Beyonce' and Jay-Z's daughter name is Blue Ivy. Also there are a lot of negativity on social network sites stating that Ivy means Illuminates Very Youngest. I mean who comes up with such negativity on a newborn. It's almost sickening. I'm happy for Beyonce' and Jay-Z and their family and I wish them the best. I also pray for this child and hope that the media will fall back a little and let Beyonce' and Jay-Z be parents. Let them love and nourish their child without being bothered by media 24/7. I know that's easy for me to say and I know media will not give them a break. What do you guys think of the media frenzy?