Dead Money Movie Premiere With Che G. Evans, Frank E. Jackson Sole, Anwan 'Big G' Glover Chaka Balamani,& More! [Recap]

On Friday January 6th hundreds poured into Rivertowne Cinemas in Oxon Hill, MD for the Premiere of the Movie “DEAD MONEY” Written & Directed by Frank E. Jackson Jr. The Premiere build up was astonishing with promotions on Fox 5 News, Radio Outlets, and Blog spots across the country to include Posh the Socialite. And the DMV delivered! The turn out for the 8pm premiere was astronomical, selling out the first Theater with in minutes of the doors opening, causing the Owners of the Rivertowne Cinemas to open a Second Screen which immediately sold out. The 10:00pm show had the same turn out.  The Film Stars veteran Actors Clifton Powell (Next Friday, Menace II Society), Tray “Poot” Chaney (The Wire, Monica & Lorenzo), Anwan “Big G” Glover (The Wire), Recording Artist Sole, Walter Maxfield Jones (Anacostia) , Che G. Evans, Chante Browser (Anacostia), and Chaka Balamani (Snowflakes, 7th Day, Rebel Vixens 3-D). The Film explores the Black Market of Organ Trafficking, as it follows a former Surgeon turned Funeral Home Owner, who recruits four Drug Kingpins to provide him with dead bodies from botched drug deals, and eventually pre meditated murders. The film was full of Action from beginning to end, and kept the audience locked in with thrilling and unexpected twist throughout. The Red Carpet Premier was flooded with local media, sports and entertainment stars. After a great turn out, the films Producers Che G. Evans and Frank E. Jackson Jr. prepare for the opening of Dead Money in Select theaters regionally on January 13th to include West End Theater in Washington DC, Greenbelt Plaza, and Rivertowne Cinemas. There is also a Baltimore Premiere on January 19th.  Look for DEAD MONEY in a Theater near you!

Written by Chaka Balamani

Photos by Lincoln Landers