Happy New Year: A Open Letter From Posh!

Dear Friends,
I wanted to wrap up 2011 by writing a open letter review for the year. I started my blog in January and I'm proud to say that a year later I have accomplished a lot. I would first like to thank my sister and friend JJ Ghatt, she inspired me along with Russell Simmons to start my blog as a entertainment, fashion, & lifestyle blogger. I always wanted to do something in the entertainment field but really couldn't find my niche. 
Just to give you a little background on how I got started in blogging. I started by writing as a guest blogger on Global Grind. I wrote about D.M.V artist such as Wale, Uptown XO, Fattrel, Phil Ade' and more. When Global Grind changed their format my sister hinted me to start  my own blog. She also gave me a wonderful gift that year for Christmas.
The book was titled "Super Rich" by Russell Simmons. So, ironic that a month later that Russell Simmons would be in my town for a book signing. I read the book and so much inspiration came to me after reading the book. From it I promised to give back to my community somehow and some way. It didn't matter how but by giving I would become "Super Rich".
 That day when I saw Russell Simmons I told him that I was a new blogger, and that he inspired me to start my own blog and to give back.  He loved the idea and so my journey began.My first event was D.M.V helps Haiti event and this is where I first met Candice Necole PR & Yodit Gebreyes. This year Candice Necole PR has sent me numerous of event media passes to events like recently the Kicks For Kids event which I interviewed Washington Wizards John Wall and Maybach Music Group artist Meek Mill. A big thank you to Ian Callendar that hustled and bustled with me for that interview so, I am very grateful and thankful. Yodit Gebreyes also invited me to my fairy blog mother Necole Bitchie event for X-Rated Fusion.This was my opportunity to learn from one of the best bloggers in the blogosphere. I loved her attitude and she was easy to speak to. She gave great advice for new bloggers like myself so, that was an awesome experience. I would also like to thank Nika Watts, PR for inviting me to the DTLR Direct Record Pool with Epic label artist Future. I love Nika so much, although we just met she is really down to earth and funny. At the Master of The Mix event she jumped in my photos and it was hilarious.
I also had the opportunity to do a product review for Basketball Wives own Jennifer Williams Lucid cosmetics. Although, I'm not so much of a beauty blogger it was pretty cool to blog about one of my favorite Basketball wives product. This year I also had a blast blogging about D.M.V & Global artist, DJ's, socialites, and models. I am proud to say that I am from the D.C metropolitan area and have had the honor to work with some really cool people from the area. I thank you for seeing that my blog was cool enough to feature you on. Looking back at the read "Super Rich" and my promise to Uncle Rush. I managed to give over 260lbs of food during my socialite food drive and shipped items to my country Sierra Leone. To sum up I love to blog and I am looking forward to working harder in 2012. Thank you for all the support from everyone that has checked out Posh The Socialite.com. Special shout out to my team Global Network/Global Squad, Kochief HD, & Deryck "Jupitar" 2012 is ours! Love is Love~Posh