New Video: Chris Brown "Turn Up The Music”

Chris Brown promisedTurn Up The Music would be his best video yet, and it’s definitely a top contender. Considering Brown releases a new video every other week, I can’t recall which one I like best; however, ‘Music’ is definitely top 5.
In the Godfrey Tabarez-directed clip, Chris’ usual manic dancing is more organized and fitting to the rhythm. It’s set in the future, where wearing animalistic masks is acceptable in society. I’m sure that’s no metaphor for the life Chris is living.
Many are unforgiving for Chris’ 2009 actions, and he isn’t handling it well. He responds to nearly ever negative comment from a major media source and deletes his sentiments soon after. Yesterday, Brown said he wouldn’t delete his already screen-capped rants anymore because his “delete button is broke[n]!”

via I am Boigenius