Nicki Minaj Interview With PaperMag: "Hey Nicki You're So Fine"

Check out Nicki Minaj's interview with PaperMag Simon Dooman as she goes in about her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album and more. Tell me what you think about the interview below:

SImon Doonan: Hello! I am such a huge fan. You are one insanely creative chick. I worship you! And your video for "Stupid Hoe" is truly demented and brilliant. I watched it so many times
I had to go lay in a darkened room.

Directed by Hype Williams, her "Stupid Hoe" video takes the majestic Minaj legend to a whole new level of hilarious arty hoochie-chic.

Nicki Minaj: Wow! Thank you so much.

SD: In my new book I have a whole chapter about my tragic attempt to become a hoe. I found it really hard to "collect," if you know what I mean.

NM: I hear you.

SD: So I am assuming that you wrote "Stupid Hoe" just for me. Right?

NM: Absolutely. You heard it here first!

SD: Enough about me. Let's go deep. Really deep, and discuss the really heavy, profound stuff. What are you wearing?

NM: Right now? Just a pink T-shirt and a pink thong.

SD: Anything else?

NM: Nope.

Since the beginning of her odyssey, La Minaj has labored tirelessly to exceed the expectations of we fans, and wee fans like me. So, fuck it! Why shouldn't she chill in pink thongs on her day off?

SD: This year, fame came at you like a freight train. How are you handling your world domination? Are you sleeping at night?

NM: Ugh! I have been working sooo much. Success came and now that somany eyes are on me, I feel I have to deliver. And it's a business. No joke. I guess I am stressing more than I
should be, and I think I am becoming more guarded.

SD: I saw you sitting front row next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Week. Genius! Such a fabulous couple. What was going through your thoughts?

NM: Yes! I was screaming out loud inside my head. Me sitting next to the Queen of Vogue! It was such a strange experience. I felt like I was dreaming. And I thought she would be snobby
or something. But she was so incredibly sweet to me.

Not such a surprise here. Anna has always supported eccentrics. Alexander, John, Karl, Isabella, Daphne, Gaga bonjour!

SD: Who are your biggest style icons?

NM: Grace Jones definitely. So amazing. And Cyndi Lauper, I loved her right from when I was a little girl. And Janet Jackson of course. And Boy George. I always loved the way he dressed, and his music too.

SD: What is the freakiest song on your iPod right now?

NM: It's gotta be my song with Big Sean. It's called "Dance (A$$).'

SD: Speaking of which, are you following the presidential race? Do you know what a Santorum is?

NM: What is a what?

I explain Dan Savage's now legendary piece of porno-political sabotage whereby he created one of those new Internet sexual definitions -- you know, like a "Dirty Sanchez" -- and dubbed it "Santorum." Every time anyone Googles the name "Santorum" up comes the Savage definition: The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex. I figured the author of "Stupid Hoe" could handle it, and I was correct.

NM: Well, you learn something new every day.

SD: Do you have time to watch trash TV?

NM: Of course! I love Mob Wives.

SD: Me too!

NM: I love Big Ang! And I love the way those girls talk to each other: "Don't YOU be coming at ME!!!" I love every freakin' moment. And I watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills. Taylor and Adrienne and the girls.

SD: When you are relaxing at home do you ever kick it old school with Ella or Della or Etta or Eartha?

Etta James is on my mind because the great bewigged blues chanteuse died the day of our interview.

NM: When I go old school it's more about Diana Ross and Deniece Williams and Whitney. Her first album is one of my all-time favorites.

SD: You are the queen of creative collaboration. Who's next? Metallica?

NM: Oh my God!!! Well I have to say, for me, genre does not play into it. And I am lucky because I get so many amazing requests. I just had that big one with Madonna. I collaborate when I feel it's right.

SD: Tell me about your new album. What is the vibe?

NM: The album is like a collage of all my emotions. I am not sticking to any particular style. I am doing what I feel without restrictions. So it's very free and very me.

SD: Good luck with it darling! I know it will be huge! And, on behalf of all the stupid hoes of the world, I want to thank you for giving us a voice.

NM: You are so very welcome!