Rihanna Talks About Being Naked & How It Helped Her To Love Her Body

For one of the trendiest women in the world, Rihanna spends a surprising amount of time without any clothes on. Apparently it's therapeutic. Also in music news, Ricky Martin has an adorable pair of dopplegangers posing with him in Spanish Vanity Fair, Paul McCartney is dead to Twitter, and Jack White is never, ever, ever going to reunite with Meg for a White Stripes reunion (so he says).

  •  In a new interview with Women's Fitness, Rihanna admits that she too suffers from occasional bouts of low self-esteem. Her method of coping explains the glut of near-nude photos she posts all over her social networking sites: "My way [of dealing with low self-esteem] probably won't work for most people... but the more I got naked the more comfortable I felt."

Rihanna added, "It was just knowing my body is the way it is no matter what that helped me, knowing that it is what is under clothes or outside of clothes."

If you look like Rihanna, chances are your topless photos are going to be well-received. Essentially, every time she strips down, she gets a high-five from the world (minus moms grumbling about her being a terrible role model). No, that won't work for everyone...
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